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I love animals , especially horses . I am honored and blessed to work this summer with these magnificent draft horses in my birth city . Got to take things as they are , and work to make them better . Plans change, but the higher powers will not give you more than you can handle .
I was a competitive dressage rider before finding boys and having kids. I hope you have a wonderful time. Horses are the best
Hanging out with our TruthTribe leader Amanda N. C. Jones-Archer (Optimystic Prime) and her girgeous kids !!

hsve you seen her TikTok .. OptimysticPrime2.0
— with Karita
Website Design
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this is my product
Are you feeling Cheeky these days?

Stay tuned for some Epic Monkeys
Why do we do what we do?
Well to speak for myself, for totally selfish reasons
Because when I help others, I feel good
Here is the Youtube video for the ThriveCast Episode 4 with our Titans from the Academy and Health Tribe .

EPIC ThriveCast , share this with everyone !
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WOW , If you missed this life , you will WANT TO WATCH IT NOW !!

Here is the replay and it is WORTH the watch !!

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ThrivEvolution ThriveCast - Deprogramming Yourself From Your Public Education: How Alternative Education Models Can Change the World
What would you be like as an adult if you didn’t have to heal from school or deprogram your thinking? In the US public school is the norm and...
It was fun to chat with the Parker family. There’s more than 1 way to learn!
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ThrivEvolution ThriveCast with Amanda N. C. Jones-Archer (Optimystic Prime)
The founder of the Wandering Footprint 'tiny home app- directory'

Freedom Lover,

#TruthTribe Titan and #TikTok Influencer

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