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Why anyone would be 100% reliant on bosses, banks and governments with this behaviour in play is beyond me!
Trudeau vows to freeze anti-mandate protesters' bank accounts - BBC News
Canada's prime minister says police will also be given "more tools" to imprison or fine demonstrators.
If the so called financial journalists continue to fail to address the fundamental issues with MMT, then it will be the proven alternative platforms that start to provide not only an alternative, but also the narrative around that alternative.
Smart move.
Crypto exchange Binance makes $200m investment in Forbes | Cryptocurrencies | The Guardian
Deal comes less than two years after Binance sued business publisher for defamation
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Blockchain is full of opportunities for sure.

If anyone takes the time to understand, educate and develop awareness - as opposed to speculating or getting drawn into marketing FOMO... it can be a very rewarding space.

Cashflow is a KEY aspect of this process... Lets take a look at the big picture and compare 3 powerful projects in terms of access to cashflow from your asset ownership.

If you wish to get started right in the blockchain industry... Education is Key.
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Here comes the next, some say planned, step toward a financial “reset”.
A process that was inevitable as far back as the 1990s.

No central bank 🏦 or government could be seen to have messed up with their decades of full fiat currency, neo capitalist medalling, fee extortion and incompetence.

So instead the blame goes onto a pandemic, the utility companies and “inflation”.
Very convenient timing all round.

Will the banks, governments, bosses and media ever explain the real reason that “pric...  more
The U.K. Is Two Months Away From a Brutal Cost-of-Living Crisis
Britons battered by the virus are facing a dangerous combination of rampant inflation, rising interest rates — and tax hikes.
Cashflow is King!The Blockchain space is full of opportunity.Realising the difference between real cashflows and potential incomes is key to your success or failure.Lets compare a number of blockchain projects on how they are performing.
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The boomers are sleep walking, continuing to deny the problem of currency they have presided over since 1971.... a "problem" that is very real.

The people are voting with their feet in any case.... these decison makers are a dying breed #lifecycles
Bank of England's Britcoin torn apart as digital currency dealt blow: 'No convincing case'
BRITCOIN has been dealt a major blow as the Lords Economic Affairs Committee branded it "a solution in search of a problem'.
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The Internet and the burgeoning industry of Blockchain, is full of Snake Oil Salesmen...

These days they work under the guise of Network Marketers, MLMrs and Affiliate Marketers.... peddling their wears as "experts" when in fact they are mere sales reps, repeating what they think they know....worse.... duplicating what they have been told to say.

Its such a shame to observe hard working people getting drawn in to projects, coins and schemes off the back of FOMO, excitement and "incentives" onl...  more
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